Build your very own DIYVA Framed Chalkboard

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Tired of answering the question "What's for dinner?" Serve up menus in style with this quick and easy kitchen chalkboard. Create a family message center for notes and lists. Help get your family organized with this simple project.
MATERIALS: 16" x 20" frame, luan plywood or masonite, water-based chalkboard paint, 220 grit sandpaper, 2” bristle or foam paint brush

DIYVA TOOLS:  10' or 25' tape measure, 4 in 1 level, quick-change utility knife

STEP ONE: Clear the Frame
Remove the glass and cardboard from the frame.Measure the width and height of the frame opening.

STEP TWO: Map out the Board
Transfer the measurements to the luan plywood or Masonite using the level as a guide and scoring the wood with the utility knife. Sand the edges until smooth.

    STEP THREE: Prep the Surface
    Apply the chalkboard paint in the direction of the grain. Let dry for four hours before applying a second coat. Once the paint is completely dry, place the chalkboard into the frame and secure with the metal tabs on the back of the frame.

    Use colorful chalk to write up dinner menus or leave family reminders.  You did it yourself!

    Timesaving Tip: Whether the chalkboard is leaning against a wall, or hanging at eye level, be sure to have a container of colored chalk nearby for quick notes. If your kitchen has space, you may want to prop the chalkboard on an artist's easel for easy access and high visibility.

    Be a DIYVA!

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