Carbon monoxide/smoke detector

Supplies:  detector, fasteners,

Tools:  cordless drill, drill bit set and tape measure

The specifics:  pick a location for your detector preferably close to your sleeping quarters. 

The installation:  1.  Measure the total amount of inches across the area that you want to install the unit in than divide it in half and make a pencil mark on the ceiling at that measurement.  2.  Remove the bracket from the detector, take the bracket and center it on your mark on the ceiling, mark the screw holes with a pencil 3.  Drill your fastener holes on the marks and insert fasteners 4. Line up bracket with holes and insert screws putting a few turns on each by hand than, using your cordless drill slowly tighten all the screws 5.  Snap the detector in to the bracket and you are done.

Testing your work:  test the unit pushing the test button.  If it does not work change the battery, if it still does not work return the unit for a new one.

Magnifying mirror

Supplies:  magnifying mirror, fasteners from your local home improvement store.

Tools:  cordless drill tape measure

Specifics:  if possible measure 16” o.c. from corner to go directly into stud

 The install:  hold the mirror in place with you hand in the location you wish to install move it to a comfortable height for your use and mark it with a pencil 2.  Take the bracket and put it on your mark and mark the fastener holes on the wall with a pencil 3. Using your stud finder determine if you will be going into a stud or a hollow wall 4.drill your holes and insert your fasteners line your bracket up with the holes and insert the screws putting a few turns on each by hand than using your screwdriver finish tightening the screws 5.  Put the mirror into the bracket and you are finished. 

Test your work:  put firm but gentle pressure on the bracket in al directions to make sure it does not shift, if it does go back and check your fasteners.

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